Visual identity

You are creating your company, you want to give a youthful boost to your society or simply to establish a visual identity which matches finally to the culture and to the values of your company ?
The Cookianime team will know how to find graphic elements which correspond to you.

Graphic charter

Having defined the graphic elements which make up your visual identity, we will record in a pdf document, all the standards for (bans, fonts, color scheme...).

This notebook aims to keep a coherence in your further communications, no matter the participant.

crea logo

Creation of your logo

The logotype is the central element of your communication. From the search for the brand name to the finalization, the Cookianime agency and you, we shall work in close collaboration for a logo of which you will be proud.


Communication print, Web and by the object

Be noticed and remarkable: adapt your visual identity on all your communication supports.

Creation for printing

Adopt original graphic creations on your supports dedicated to printing, to differentiate you and to be noticed. Take advantage of our professional advice suited to your values and your identity.

For the desk*

Business card
Decorated with a logo and personalized clothes
Carbonless pad
Memo pad
Folder with flaps
Erasable Magnet
Card holder
Personalized pen
Mug / Cup
Desk blotter

For your costumers*

Presentation brochure
Loyalty card
Menu holder
Bill holder
Place mat
USB key
Napkin ring
Collar bottle
Table P.O.S.
Cutlery bag
key ring

For your events*

Invitation card
CD cover
Ticket office
Raffle ticket
Reusable cup
Advertising can
Greeting card
Advertising insert
Control wristband

*These lists are non-exhaustive

Trust Cookianime to advise you on the sizes, the papers, the finishes, the supports to use in your print communication.

Web creation

Call on Cookianime for the revision of your web site, your projects of on-line form, the creation of optimized newsletters, your ideas of animation, your e-publications, your coverage of social networks. Two preferred partnerships to ensure you a better quality Web.

Today, it is essential to be on the Internet but not in any way. That is why, the communications consulting agency, Cookianime imagines and designs competitive web sites who looks like you. Because a web site is not a constraint but an investment, Web sites thought by the Cookianime team are aesthetic but mainly functional. Benefit from a support, and from a total freedom on the modification of contents (defined beforehand ). Cookianime gives to your low budgets, sites custom-made professional with back-office administrable and evolving.

Visual identity

Your web site has to pass on your values, your corporate culture, your know-how. That is why the Cookianime agency takes care of your visual identity,however it means that it is necessary to create it or to adapt your site to your graphics standards.

UX Design

Your Web sites are thought for you, but mostly for your customers/users. We look for the best tree structure for an effective browsing. We attempt to provide sites whose the ergonomics will supply the best user experience. For this purpose we study your site both in terms of architecture, features, and performances (speed...).

Responsive Design

Nowadays, it is necessary that your Web site should be adaptable on the various supports (pc, tablet, mobile), so that it will be accessible no matter the place where we are. From this perspective, our sites are built in responsive design mobile first : at first developed for a use on smartphone, it will adapt itself on your screens of tablets and computers.


Our formulas of internet website design are understood with hosting, referencing ( SEO), maintenance and assistance. So we make sure to respect the various standards and the standards in terms of web design and development (W3C, Google, safety(security), optimization, accessibility...). Our web-master does not stop in on-line publishing, he accompanies you, and still keeps an ear to your problems and your expectations in Web.

We also propose :

Optimized newsletter

Stop sending some image which nobody receives and let us imagine a both functional and creative newsletter .

On-line form

We create forms reflecting your image so that your questionnaires, surveys and polling convey your identity

And other Web projects.

Event organization

Because an event must be unique, unforgettable and answer a specific objective, Cookianime advises you, coordinates and watches the slightest glitch during your factual projects.


After studying your objectives and your means (financial, human, material resources), we shall propose you the key event which will serve at best your communication strategy.

Design of the event

From the concept to its variants on all the supports, Cookianime and its network develops the creation, the quality and the coherence of the forms and the contents to make of your event a magic and unforgettable moment.

Management of the event

The Cookianime team, reserves, negotiates, coordinates and watches your projects to make sure of events matching to your objectives, your budget and your deadlines.

Start-up Special

Do you want to launch into entrepreneurship and need help with all business plan, business model and communication strategy?

Cookianime collaborates with Swell Council

Our partner, Sylvie Redondo from Swell Conseil, escorts you in your business creation: in consulting or training, give a solid foundation to your start-up.

Easy exchanges

The communication strategy is at the service of corporate strategy. Thanks to the solid trusting partnership between Swell Conseil and Cookianime, your strategies are closely linked and totally granted.

A recommendation without commision

Go directly to the contact form of Swell Conseil and do not hesitate to tell them about your desire to work with us afterwards.