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Martin Edwige - Il y a 4 an(s)
Congratulations you found your new collaborators com ’..! Responsive, attentive, providing excellent quality ... but not only that! I am delighted to work with the cookianimé agency, which took care to know my needs, my ethics, and my values ​​so that the communication of my company reflects it. So Cookianimé created my graphic charter (logo), available in different formats: business card, logo bag, price brochures, price posters and we are thinking about designing a website. The strength of a professional site produced by the agency, and their binomial, is their ability to produce a good SEO, a fast and efficient site, crowned by an ultra personalized graphics, far from the templates and free sites! With the possibility of options in the digital era, (gift vouchers, online booking, etc.) and visibility on the web in your image for the development of your business. An agency that also knows how to be responsive to your requests. Let's be gourmets :)
aurelie pottier - Il y a 1 an(s)
I called on their service for the preparation (from A to Z) of our wedding parties as well as graphic creations for tote bags. I had my ideas in mind and the realization was more than PERFECT !! ! I can never thank them enough for the work provided, the professionalism and the responsiveness !!!
Gaëlle Janvrin - Il y a 5 an(s)
Communication at the top! This shock team knew how to understand my needs and translate what I wanted to convey! Listening, original ideas and quality people! Go there with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed !!!
Romaric Janvrin - Il y a 3 an(s)
Respect of costs and deadlines with a maximum dose of creativity. We highly recommend. The OCEANIS INGENIERIE team.
Philippe Choimet - Il y a 2 an(s)
Not being stars of the com 'in our asso, we were perfectly accompanied in the realization of our poster, which is now unanimous! Advice, creativity, professionalism, patience, ... We will not hesitate to appeal again to the Cookianime team, which I highly recommend!
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