Pink Bar : Take charge of their communication


Pink Bar - 108 bis Avenue de la République, 44600 Saint-Nazaire


The new owners of the Pink Bar, hostess bar in Saint-Nazaire, wished to create an icon that would go with the elements already present (such as the neon sign).

They also wanted to have a loyalty card and a personalized stamp in their image.


For the loyalty card, we opted for a double detachable folder card to make it both an object loyalty and distribution.

  • Size : 8,5 x 5,4 closed / 17 cm x 5,40 cm open so 91,80 cm²
  • Support : 350g half-matte coated paper
  • Sides : 2
  • Laminating first side : Glossy
  • Colors both sider : Four-color process
  • Varnish both sider : Matte acrylic or HUV
  • Scoring : 1 central scoring (2 folders)
  • Precut : 1 precut