Stéphanie Criaud : Created her business communication


Stéphanie Criaud - Saint-Nazaire (44)


Stéphanie, has known us through word of mouth. Already installed for a while, she wished to increase her network through communication.

She wished to assert herself and give a more business side by creating a visual identity and communicate on her still too much unknown job (or at least very caricatured) thanks to a business card and a flyer.


For the visual identity, we started from the present regarding the colors: it needed something sweet, as her image. The logo was reflected as follows :

  • a house: Stéphanie's workplace that moves to your home
  • a tree: for the symbolism of the seed of harmony which grows thanks to her (we also hid, in contra-form, the initials SC in the roots)
  • two hands: to show that the work within a home is done in collaboration (it's up to you to take a hand which is offered)

The symbolism of hands was moreover very important for Stéphanie.

As for the flyer, we deleted it for the benefit of a double folder business card, more compact and more useful (on an unknown business, we advise putting important information on the card to facilitate the memorization). Here is the technical information :

  • Size : 10,80 cm x 8,50 cm open - 5,4 cm x 8,50 cm closed (standard size)
  • Support : 350g half-matte coated paper
  • Sides : 2
  • Laminating both sider : Matte
  • Colors both sider : Four-color process
  • Varnish both sider : Matte acrylic or HUV
  • Selective varnish UV first side : Placed on the logo a highlight and on its catchphrase in the back
  • Scoring : 1 central scoring (2 folders)