Le Nid du bien-être : like a fish in water


Le Nid du bien-être - 4 bis Boulevard de l'Abreuvoir, 44350 Guérande



Gaëlle always teems with ideas and she wanted to go on harmonizing her communication.

So our task was :

  • go back over her website
  • create a gift card
  • create a business card
  • create a transportable communication support in which she can put her self-service flyers
  • find an idea to be put forward during a girls night organized by the Ciné Presqu'île
  • redesign the brochure to add new services


The Website is a responsive site at the edge of e-commerce : gift card online, appointment online.

Gaëlle can manage :

  • her video on the homepage
  • her partnerships
  • her custom-made estimate
  • her blog


The gift card was created as a paper version and as a web version for a PDF e-mail.

The technical features of the paper gift card :


The business card has been transformed into a loyalty card with a personalized stamp of 12 mm diameter.


We created a paper box urn for her transportable communication.


For the girls night, we proposed a fishing (representing the Fish Spa).

We co-created, thanks to our homemade 3D printer and the ingenuity of Gaëlle's husband, the elements that compose it : fishing rods and "fishes". [watch it !]

We also created stickers to decorate the tray and at the same time usable to decorate the gift card envelopes or anything else.

The event was also accompanied by a competition game with a visual adapted to broadcast on Facebook.


Technical specifications of the leaflet :