Anim'Toit : new flyer, new membership


Anim'Toit - Prinquiau


Knowing some members of Anim'Toit, Cookianime suggested helping them to give a new look to their flyer and to create a real identity for the association, and so make them more attractive to motivate new memberships (volunteers, gifts).

The axes which we discussed:

- keep the colors of the logo and associate them to give more cheerfulness

- find elements which can be repeated on all the communications

- print on a paper better adapted to needs

- reorganize the information and add a description of the association


Writing shared of a new descriptive text of the association.

Reorganization of the information : establishment of spaces by ideas.

Elements which can be easily taken back : footer (with kennel and legs of dog), hanging cat.

More cheerfulness : boards wood (reminder of the hut and warm colors), red cat (anonymous and funny).

Paper : printing of a flyer 10 x 15 cms on a 170g mat coated non-laminated paper to facilitate the writing.